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We have years of experience caring for families, from all walks of life. Each family comes to us because they know we are leaders in our profession, dedicated to excellence in service, and have the highest integrity.

Our History

Our History

In January 1949, the first Tom M. Wages Funeral Home opened in Lawrenceville, Georgia on Pike Street in a former family dwelling on the Courthouse Square, where it remained until 1963.  The business outgrew the facility leading Mr. Wages to build his first modern establishment, Tom M. Wages Oak Lawn Chapel at the corner of Scenic Highway and Jackson Street in Lawrenceville.  Several changes and additions occurred during a remodeling of the facility in 1973.  Recently, a complete building renovation, both inside and outside, was done to bring families served by Tom M. Wages one of the most spacious and warm environments available in death care today.  The community is invited to tour the renovated facility anytime between the hours of 8:00am to 5:00pm daily.

Groundbreaking ceremonies for the second Tom M. Wages location on Highway 78 outside of Snellville, Georgia were held in May, 1984 and further growth and service in the community was realized by the Wages family. The Snellville Chapel has served as one of the most elegant funeral homes in the Greater Atlanta area.  The Tom M. Wages staff has continued the tradition of updating and modernized their facilities to better serve families. At the end of October, 2012, the Snellville Chapel completed a redecorating of the funeral home with the addition of plantation shutters, new carpet, furniture, lamps, artwork and other accessories that provide families with a home-like environment to celebrate the life of their loved one.  The community is invited to tour the Snellville Chapel between the hours of 8:00am to 5:00pm daily. 

In 1993, Tom M. Wages Funeral Service once again proved to be the “leader in the area” opening Gwinnett County’s first Crematory.  Since its opening, Peachtree Cremation has been on the “cutting edge” for a facility of its kind.  The crematory has proven to be a vital part of the various service options offered to meet the needs of Tom M. Wages’ families. Loved ones no longer needed to be transported to a third party provider to perform the  cremation. Beginning in 1993, all cremation services were handled on-site, which provides a tremendous amount of peace of mind for the families served by Tom M. Wages.  The entire staff takes great pride in knowing that families that select cremation as their form of disposition for their loved one can be assured that the cremation is done exclusively right on-site in Lawrenceville at Peachtree Cremation.

An important aspect of the death care profession is advanced planning and pre-payment for an impending death, as well as, estate planning and having to prepare to place a loved one into a nursing home facility.  Advanced planning is one of the most caring, compassionate things you can do for your family.   Tom M. Wages Advanced Planning Counselors are available daily to explain the benefits of advanced planning and if desired, pre-payment for services.   You create peace of mind for your family knowing that your wishes and desires have been taken care of in advance.  It truly is a “gift” to your family.

Throughout the years, the reputation of Tom M. Wages Funeral Service as caring, compassionate and devoted professionals has become widely known throughout the state, as well as, the nation.  On November 19, 2005, Tom M. Wages, Sr., died at 81 years of age.  During the visitations held at each chapel many people called him “an icon, one of a kind, my mentor, my friend and my father.”  Tom M. Wages, Sr., was truly one the greatest funeral directors’ having the honor of serving families.  He continues to be greatly missed by his community and the funeral profession.

Our Valued Staff

  • Christopher S. Banks

    Christopher S. Banks

  • Bryan E. Rickert

    Bryan E. Rickert

  • Rick  Johnson

    Rick Johnson

  • Valerie J. Wages

    Valerie J. Wages

  • Andrea  Barnes

    Andrea Barnes

  • Joseph Ricks

    Joseph Ricks

  • Lara Wayne

    Lara Wayne

  • Elliot Flom

    Elliot Flom

  • Sam Schultz

    Sam Schultz

  • Teena W Fowler

    Teena W Fowler

  • Stephanie Friess

    Stephanie Friess

  • Kathryn Martin

    Kathryn Martin

  • Kathy Wells

    Kathy Wells

  • Steve “Bo” Roberts

    Steve “Bo” Roberts

  • Jim Killgore

    Jim Killgore

  • Patrick Hedger

    Patrick Hedger

  • Keith  Allgood

    Keith Allgood

  • David Mulkey

    David Mulkey

  • James Dean Burdett

    James Dean Burdett

  • Wanda Mulkey

    Wanda Mulkey

  • Glenda Smith

    Glenda Smith

  • Donna Allgood

    Donna Allgood

  • Betty  Hughes

    Betty Hughes

  • Mary Anne  Jenkins

    Mary Anne Jenkins

  • Grace Clower

    Grace Clower In Loving Memory

  • Shirley Harbin

    Shirley Harbin In Loving Memory

  • J. D. Waddell

    J. D. Waddell In Memory