Pet Services

We have partnered with Peachtree Pet Crematory to provide your pet with the best of care... To learn more about Peachtree Pet Crematory please read below.

Private Cremation

Peachtree Pet Crematory

Our beloved animal companions. They are truly steadfast, loyal, agreeable friends who accept us as we are, each and every day. We know from personal experience our pets bring joy, laughter, and comfort into our lives. Each deserves our kindnesses both in life, and after their passing.

When you bring an animal companion into your home, you’re making a heartfelt commitment to be responsible for their care. And you fulfill that responsibility lovingly. That sense of responsibility doesn’t fade at the time of their death. Yet, it’s often challenging to know who to turn to in this time of loss.

We want you to know that you can turn to Peachtree Pet Crematory with complete trust. Having a decade of service to the community, they have extensive experience in caring for both your pet, and for you. They know, as we do, that this is a difficult, highly emotional time for those who have lost their pet; it is a time of remembering the years of love, companionship and devotion. A time of sorrow, filled with a sense of emptiness. And they are there to help you through it.

Peachtree Pet Crematory can care for the smallest of animals, such as a fish, or bird; up to a very large dog, weighing as much as 250 pounds. They can also care for your exotic pet; an iguanas, ferrets, chameleons, or pot-bellied pig.

We invite you to visit their website - - for further information, or call them directly at (770) 817-1030. With our endorsement of Peachtree Pet Crematory you are assured both you and your pet will be in the best of care.